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Async API DAST: Asynchronous Security Meets Discovery

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, APIs stand at the crossroads of innovation and vulnerability. Each change, whether it’s a version update, deprecation, logic tweak, bug fix, or a new partner integration, reshapes this landscape, posing both opportunities and challenges. To navigate this dynamic environment, we introduce a new approach to API discovery. Our method is not just about tracking these changes, offering a real-time panoramic view of the entire API ecosystem.

From real-time tracking of version transitions and deprecated paths, to rapid adaptations in logic, bug resolutions, and intricate partner integrations—our method provides a comprehensive, updated inventory. Building on this dynamic foundation, we’ve layered an asynchronous DAST system. It’s not just about detecting vulnerabilities; it’s about preemptively identifying them as the APIs come to life, enabling our security teams to proactively intervene, ensuring faster issue resolution and fortified API integrity.

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